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      is your place to find information and resources about doing business in Alberta and moving to Alberta. Choose your path below, and learn more about what Alberta has to offer.

      For small and medium sized businesses or global corporations, Alberta is a centre for innovation that can expand your economic horizons.? Explore Alberta's local and international resources, learn more about its industries, and see why Alberta is such an exciting place to invest.

      Learn more about business ?

      Find important information and resources about living and working in Alberta, including everything you need to know about the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program.

      Learn more about Alberta's opportunities ?

      Featured Pages

      Our economic advantages

      A stable economy, low taxes and other advantages make Alberta a great place to live, work and do business.

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      Our province

      The basics about Alberta's communities, climate, geography and more.

      Learn about Alberta

      Help for employers

      Information, tools and resources to help you find, attract and retain the workforce you need.

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